Throw in some rom-com, coming-of-age angst, and the pain of being unlike “normal” people and you have Rad Sick Record.

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Imagine a world of endless Cold War, with the U.S. and Russia continuously threatening each other with annihilation. Imagine you are living in the panhandle of Florida during this time, an English grad student with a peculiar sensibility:

“For me, I hear unheard voices, important ones. Hear how? By an…

Weeds & Wildflowers January Writing Prompt

Maxine at her penultimate vet visit. Photo by Marie A Bailey

For this month’s writing prompt, Dennett challenges us to consider what’s missing from our lives.

I want us to pay tribute to what is missing due to the pandemic. Let’s remember the auld acquaintances and why their absences leave holes in our hearts. (

Immediately I think of my tuxedo…

My mother is just 2 years and 1 month away from 100 years old, but I’m not asking her if she wants to get there.

My mom when she was a hell of a lot younger. Photo owned by Marie A Bailey

A few weeks ago, Anne Emerick posted a funny and insightful story on whether why she refuses to self identify as “old” or as a “senior.”

After reading her story, I commented that my mother would be 98 in October so I don’t dare call myself old. Anne asked if…

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